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The European Journal of Japanese Philosophy 4 (2019) is now available on Amazon.

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Table of Contents:

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  • John C. Maraldo: Revisiting Rude Awakenings. The Dangerous (?) Thought of the Kyoto School
  • Raquel Bouso: Disimagination and Sentiment in Nishitani’s Religious Aesthetics
  • 氣多雅子 (Keta Masako): 哲学と生死の問題 – 日本哲学の意義と可能性をめぐって
  • Flavia Baldari: Karl Löwith’s Encounter with Japanese Philosophy. Reconstructions in a New Light
  • Alexandra Mustățea: On the Convolutions of Modernity and Confucianism in Japan. Loyalty from Yamaga Sokō’s Shidō to Pre-war Kokutai Ideology
  • Ferenc Takó: Notions of Love in Shinto and Buddhist Thought
  • Carlos Barbosa Cepeda: Nishitani Keiji’s Notion of Mind


  • Miki Kiyoshi: “Consciencia histórica y consciencia mítica” (trans. by Fernando Wirtz)
  • Hiromatsu Wataru: “The Philosophical Dimension of Semiotics: The Subsistence Mechanism of Signification” (trans. by Michael Santone)

Research Notes:

  • Katsumori Makoto: Hiromatsu’s Philosophy: An Introductory Survey
  • 米山優 (Yoneyama Masaru): 散文が美に近づくとき

Book Reviews:

  • Pierre Bonneels et Jaime Derenne, eds.: Fortune de la philosophie cartésienne au Japon (Review by Georgii Bakhtiiarov)
  • Dominic Smith: Exceptional Technologies: A Continental Philosophy of Technology (Review by Alessio Gerola)
  • Joseph S. O’Leary: Reality itself: Philosophical Challenges of Indian Mahāyāna (Review by Bart Dessein)

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