7th ENOJP Conference (2023)

Extended Deadline of submission: Feb 20th, 2023

Taming the Wild Fox: The Contradictions of Academic Philosophy
7-9 September 2023, Cork, Ireland
University College Cork

Keynote Speakers
Prof. Yuriko Saito
Prof. Thomas P. Kasulis
Prof. Kiri Paramore

Languages of the Conference: English, Japanese, French, German

Call for Papers
Applicants are encouraged to send proposals for individual presentations or group proposals (ideally 3 persons together) to collaborate on a panel. Papers related to the conference’s central topic are particularly welcome, but papers on other aspects related to Japanese thought will also be considered. We encourage participants to approach the general topic in a creative way, keeping in mind that giving a presentation on a topic they are interested in is more important than adjusting the topic of the paper to the general theme.

Extended Deadline of submission: Feb 20th, 2023
Notification of Peer Review: April 1st, 2023
Length of abstract: 250-500 words (日本語: 400–700字)
Keywords: Please include 5–10 with your abstract

Submit to:

Looking forward to seeing you all in Ireland!

Award for Excellence in Japanese Philosophy

We are pleased to announce the establishment of an annual Award for Excellence in Japanese Philosophy. Beginning in 2023, the Award will be presented to an outstanding book in the field of Japanese philosophy, including works by younger scholars. The Award includes an honorarium of €3,000, to be presented each year at the annual meeting of the ENOJP.

The following is a message from our current president Raquel Bouso on the launch of the book prize:

Dear ENOJP members,

At the sixth annual congress held earlier this month in Budapest, at the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), and thanks to the efforts of Ferenc Takó whom we take this opportunity to thank once again for his great work, we had the pleasure to announce during the general assembly the new call for a prize for the most outstanding work in the field of Japanese philosophy. With this recognition for authors of books in Japanese philosophy, we aim both to encourage young and established researchers to make their research known and to increase the visibility of scholarly publications in this field. The award is made possible by the generosity of James W. Heisig, who has decided to bequeath the prestigious Kanazawa Prize he received in 2021 to our network, in his words:

When I was presented with the 2021 Kanazawa University International Award for my work on Japanese philosophy, my thoughts turned immediately to the many scholars who guided me from the time I was a fledgling venturing for the first time into those new skies. It was only natural that I should try to return their patience and generosity in some measure by using the substantial honorarium to honor and invigorate creative work in the discipline. I am grateful, and honored, that the European Network of Japanese Philosophy, which began as the initiative of young scholars eager to collaborate with colleagues around the world, have agreed to administer the award.

Needless to say, we feel very honored and grateful to Professor Heisig for this philanthropic gesture which significantly helps the goals we set ourselves at ENOJP with its creation to be fulfilled and is in keeping with its spirit of cooperation between scholars at different stages of their careers and from all over the world. Within the framework of this initiative, each year we will create Reading Committees in different languages that will shortlist the books submitted and after a final deliberation, the book chosen as the recipient of the award will be announced during the annual conference. We encourage you to apply for the award and to spread the word about the call so that our network can continue to bring together those interested in philosophy and Japan, and increase and make known quality research in this field.

For more information, please visit our Award page.

European Journal of Japanese Philosophy: Open Access Archive

The European Journal of Japanese Philosophy (EJJP) has added an Open Access Archive to their website. All articles, translations and reviews from their back issues are now freely accessible and can be downloaded here:

Message from the new President and Vice President

Raquel Bouso (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) has been elected as the new President of the ENOJP. As new president, Raquel chose Roman Pașca (Kyōto University, Japan) as the new Vice President. Raquel and Roman will take over their respective offices from former President, Jan Gerrit Strala (Aichi Prefectural University), and former Vice President, Takeshi Morisato (Sun Yat-sen University, China). We would like to thank Jan and Takeshi for their great work in promoting and fostering the network and welcome Raquel and Roman in their new positions!

Raquel and Roman would like to share the following welcoming message:

Dear members of ENOJP,

I hope this message finds you well. As you know, according to the constitution of our network, it was time to change the management team and, therefore, for the next mandate, we hope to develop the task of coordinating the ENOJP with myself, Raquel Bouso, (as president-elect in the vote that took place at the recent conference in Nagoya) and Roman Paşca as vice president. We are honored and happy to assume the positions and we thank you for your confidence. We are also delighted to continue counting on Leon Krings as treasurer and Pierre Bonneels as record keeper. They, together with Jan Gerrit as president and Takeshi Morisato as vice president, have formed a magnificent team that has led the association to connect more than one hundred people from all over the world with a common interest in Japanese philosophy, founding a new academic journal and a new publishing company, in addition to boosting the organization of five wonderful conferences and numerous other activities. We would like to express our deep recognition and thanks to them on behalf of all ENOJP members.
At the moment we are already taking care of the organization of the next conference and we expect soon to inform you of the dates and the place where it will be held. It goes without saying that all ideas, critical comments or proposals that you have are well received. And please, do not forget to communicate to us your activities, research and publications so that we can share the information and disseminate it. Let’s continue networking and strengthening ties. We send you greetings and remain at your disposal,

Raquel Bouso, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Roman Pașca, Kyoto University

Videos from the 5th ENOJP Conference

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Partnership with Chisokudō Publications

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The European Network of Japanese Philosophy is working together with Chisokudō Publications to provide worldwide access to high quality scholarship on Japanese Philosophy at affordable prices. For more information, please visit the Website of Chisokudō Publications.

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