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This article provides a comprehensive list of publications by Yamauchi Tokuryū and relevant scholarly texts on his philosophy. Primary Sources are listed in accord with the years of their publications. When there is any translation of Yamauchi’s works in western language(s), we have indicated it with an asterisk (*). Secondary sources will be presented in two sections: the first gives the list of monographs and the second gives an overview of articles and book chapters. Each section has two subsections: one gives the list of available translations of the primary texts and another gives the list of scholarly articles. The secondary sources are presented on the following order: Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Romanian, Portuguese and Spanish. The titles of the secondary sources in Japanese are accompanied with their tentative translations into English. For online resources, please see the links listed above. If you were to come across any secondary source that was overlooked by this article or have any suggestions concerning the translations of some of our Japanese titles, please contact us at contact[at]enojp.org.


  • 現象学叙説 (1929)
  • 存在の現象形態 (1930)
  • 体系と展相 (1937)
  • 社会的実践 (1937)
  • 人間のポリス的形成 (1939)
  • ノモスから運命へ (1939)
  • ギリシアの哲学 (1944–47)
  • 西洋文化の三原理 (1946)
  • 実存の哲学 (1948)
  • 存在論史 (1949)
  • 生成・創造・形成: 三つの林檎 (1950)
  • 実存と人生の書 (1952)
  • 実存と所有 (1953)
  • 新しい道徳の問題点 (1958)
  • ギリシアの哲学 (1960)
  • 旅する人 (1963)
  • 実存と人生 (1965)
  • 実存の哲学 (1965)
  • 意味の形而上学 (1967)
  • ロゴスとレンマ (1974)
  • 随眠 遺墨集 (1983)
  • 旅する人: 芭蕉にふれて (1987)
  • 随眠の哲学 (1993)

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